Life is Better, When Your Man Has A Beard

Disclaimer: this post is purely opinion based. I am not claiming that men who do not have beards aren’t as great, this is seriously just my preference.

As many of you know, I am in love with rugged looking men. The bigger the beard the better. Your life is just ten times better when you’re with a man with a beard. Michael without a beard, makes me feel like I’m marrying a baby, he honestly looks 15 instead of 23 if he doesn’t have a beard. A TSA agent at the airport didn’t believe that his drivers license was him because the ID had a picture of him sans beard! Here are just some reasons why beards are just better!


  1. He looks older! The beard just adds maturity to his face!
  2. It keeps you warm at night and basically any time of day. Have you seen that thing? It’s so bushy and warm!
  3. Kissing his face isn’t as bad as you would think. It tickles and it really doesn’t even smell bad at all.
  4. He looks more rugged than he may actually be. This isn’t true in Michael’s case. He really is rugged and tough, he just needs a few tattoos.
  5. If you can’t have a pet, you literally can use your boyfriend/fiancé/husband’s face. He might actually let you pet it or brush it.
  6. Other men just respect him more, people will compliment him on his beard and he will feel way more confident in himself.
  7. Other girls will also want him. Not that this is a great thing, because it’s not and he is mine, but it’s a confidence boost for him.
  8. HE JUST LOOKS BETTER! Like if your man has a beard, 9 times out of 10 you have to restrain yourself from pouncing on him in public because ugh DAMN he looks so good!

image image

Hes going to kill me for those pictures but it’s cool because he’s so darn cute.

See y’all next Tuesday!




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