Knowing What You Deserve In A Relationship

Hi yall, I’m busy chipping away at back to school stuff and wedding goodies, but this week I wanted to write up a little piece about knowing your self worth in a relationship.

As I scroll though FaceBook, Instagram, and just simply listen to the world around me, I see both men and women putting every want and need and problem online. Most of you know, I am not a fan of airing your laundry for the world to see (call me old fashioned) but I also see men and women giving up on their dreams for a significant other!

Listen to me right now, it is okay to compromise in a relationship but NEVER lose sight of who you are and what you want from life and a relationship. Sacrifice and compromise are two main things that have kept Michael and I strong, but we would never let each other give up on realistic hopes and our own wants from life and our relationship.


However, you know how I feel about unrealistic expectations from a relationship, so of course this article is for those of you who don’t expect the flowers every waking moment or those weird videos of couples wearing matching outfits, or I don’t even know what else, with that corny music in the background. But what I am saying is, if you’re in a relationship and both of you want that end goal of marriage, don’t settle until you’re there! If you want to achieve certain goals for yourself but your SO doesn’t want you to go back to school or further your career, DONT LET THEM STOP YOU. Know what you want and deserve in a relationship and don’t settle until you find everything that you want. If you want kids, have an adult conversation and don’t stop until you compromise. If you want a date night once a week, go out and have a good date night once a week. If your SO is doing something you don’t like, tell them! Don’t be passive and let the world out there pass you by.

You deserve the best for yourself in life and a relationship, so don’t stop until you get everything you want. And before getting into a serious relationship, know exactly what you want and don’t settle for anything short of happiness! Find someone who gives you exactly what you want and wants the same things that you do out of life. Everyone deserves to know what they’re worth and to get that happy life they want.

See Y’all Next Tuesday!




Questions? Comments? Concerns? All welcome!

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