Thank you for having interest in Two For October! I am still under construction, so bare with me! I am also super new to blogging.

I will start off by saying: Hi! My name is Miranda. I have decided to start this blog mainly for relationship advice, along with quirky posts about my high school sweetheart, Michael,  and our crazy, adventurous life in New Jersey.

imageA little background about us: Miranda, I’m currently a junior in college pursuing childhood studies aspiring to become a speech therapist and also impact the lives of special needs children. Michael, works in grocery in ShopRite, and he is insanely talented, he plays guitar and lives for music, and me of course! We have been dating since 2008 when I was a freshman in high school and he was a sophomore. We are high school sweethearts which is super rare in today’s society. We are currently engaged and planning a wedding for late 2016! I’m sure I’ll post our entire love story for those who don’t know it, when I’m feeling extra sappy! I will also be posting our wedding planning journey as more things come in to place. You may also see some posts about our super cute cat, Luna, who we adopted in September 2013. She’s a clingy and adorable love bug.

I am hoping to be able to take questions you may have about love, relationships and maybe even life, and sprinkle my love for love, romance and relationships around the Internet. I hope to be an inspiration to anyone looking, and I hope to impact as many lives as possible through this blog. Keep an eye out for my posts once a week (most likely Tuesdays), and continue to embark on this journey with us! Feel free to comment below with tips and pointers of how I could improve my blog or even topics you may want to see me write about! I am an open book!

Thanks to all of the people standing behind me and making this blog happen! Without you, I would never have the confidence to do this! Special thanks to my sister, Nicole, for helping me construct this blog and keep it pretty. Sarah, for giving me the push to start this blog and loving my relationship posts. Olga, for providing beautiful pictures to help me jump start our love journey through pictures. And finally, Michael for letting me post about our love, life, and everything in between!

Stay Tuned,

Check out Portraits by Olga Hinchman if you like my photo above!


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