The Relationship You See Online Isn’t Real…

That’s right, there, I said it, the relationship you see online, isn’t completely true…

Of course, I would only post the good moments for everyone to see. Obviously, I would only want the world to see our most happiest moments online, why would I post anything else?
Why would I want you to see the most intimate details of our life?

Not every day for us is a great one. Some days are harder than others. Some days we fight more than we laugh, but why would I want the world to know that? If I post all the good things, you’ll say I’m over sharing, or our relationship doesn’t belong out there, but if I were to post when we fight, or when I’ve been crying for hours, you would say not to air your grievances online, or maybe we shouldn’t stay together. That’s the thing about social media, you’re damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. I don’t do this for the nay-sayers or the Debbie downers secretly routing for us to fail, I do this for those who need that promise of hope, that these things last.

The things you don’t get to see are the fights where we feel like there’s no returning, only to be followed by a few tears, a lot of apologizing, and even more figuring out how to fix things and become stronger. You don’t get to see when I’m having a mental breakdown when life gets hard, but Mike does, and he always finds a way to make it better. You won’t know when Mike’s had a rough day and the world seems to crumble down upon him, but I do, and I do everything possible to fix it. You don’t hear the endless laughter after a good day, or the smile on my face when he does something just because or when I play a prank on him. You don’t get to hear us right before bed when we talk about everything and anything, or the peak and the pit of our day. These are the most important moments, that can’t be shared or recreated.


Some nights, I don’t cook. We order Chinese, or we have grilled cheese and soup. I can’t be an amazing cook all the time. Other times, our house will look a mess for days on end because life gets in the way. The dishes pile up, the laundry pile growls, and the trash even starts to smell. We are far from perfect but, some days are worse than others.

We are human, we of course wouldn’t want the world to see our flaws. Even though I should share them because we worked so damn hard to get where we are today. If you weren’t there, we have hit some rough times, some that we even though we wouldn’t get back together or be able to fix them. Every day we learn something new about each other. Life has thrown some of the ugliest moments at us, some we have to face alone, others together, but we always seem to come out stronger. We have been through break ups and make ups, hard times and easy times, life and death, but it always seems to work for us. God tests us only to make us stronger, and for that I am thankful. You wouldn’t know that though, so of course I would never put those moments out there. I’m sorry if I only share the good moments, but we wouldn’t want to share the worst days or even the best days, so we don’t. But for those who do enjoy our moments we like to share, just know that not every relationship is happiness, but there is hope to last if you make things work.



A Year Later, A Letter to My Grandma in Heaven

If you aren’t close to your grandparents, you probably wont understand, but this is something that has taken a huge piece of my heart and sent it with her to heaven.

Dear Mom Mom Wellie,
It’s been an entire year since God decided that he needed you with him more than we did here. I can’t lie and tell you that it’s gotten easier without you here, because the pain still creeps up on me, and I find myself thinking about you and the tears just fall down my face.
There isn’t a day where I don’t get the urge to call you, only to look at my phone and realize I can’t. A second does not go by without me hearing your laugh or smelling your perfume, that puts a smile on my face. I find myself scrolling through my Facebook, reading all of the comments about how proud you were of your grand kids and kids, and I instantly feel my eyes filling up.

I miss everything about you. I miss the over-decorated cards on every holiday, that now wont come in the mail, I miss the hand made gifts you loved to send, and even every holiday you would send something for Michael too as if he were one of your own. I miss your hugs, and your singing, and hearing your contagious laugh either through the phone, or coming down the hall. I miss seeing you “put your face on” or take me shoe shopping because everyone else couldn’t stand our 800 pairs of shoes. I hate being the only one now to enjoy pistachio ice cream, or circus peanuts, and Canadian mints.

No one takes you aside to tell you how hard it is to not have one of your best friends with you anymore. No one tells you how hard it is that you can’t pick up the phone and call when you have exciting news, or you had a bad day and needed some cheering up. Its hard to go through life events and not have you there. Now I have to carry your picture with me, in my car, or on my graduation cap, or on my bouquet, when I wish I could just have you next to me, hugging me with tears in your eyes telling me how proud you are. But now, I have to stand there, without you, with tears in my own eyes, missing you.

Michael and I will have to tell our kids how amazing you were. And I promise to keep your memory alive in everything I do. I know you’re watching over us with the biggest smile. I miss and love you so much Mom Mom Wellie, I hope heaven is filled with the most laughter now that you’re there. I’m sure you already told them that “the queen has arrived” and taught them all the importance of saying “all-righty-then” and serenaded them with either the Sound of Music, or A Bushel and a Peck. They are super lucky to have you up there.


xoxo, I love you to heaven and back,


Our Relationships Aren’t the Same, and That’s Okay


Our relationship, might not be your relationship, and that’s just fine. You might not like how we do things, and that is also just fine. I would never belittle anyone just because their relationship is different than mine. You have your relationship, and I am more than happy for you. So, be happy for us too.

Everyone has their own ways on what a relationship means to them, which is awesome because no two people love the same. Some might be super open with their struggles, and their highs and lows, others might be private, and that is just fine too. Don’t ever judge a relationship just because it isn’t how you see yours.

I would never doubt any one’s relationship, unless its an abusive one, which is a different story. I believe that all relationships are just as beautiful as the next. Just because someone’s relationship may be different or “seem” better than yours, it doesn’t mean it is, and you should never think of any relationship being better than yours. But you should always respect others.

Sometimes, all some people have to show for their accomplishments in life is their relationship, and others have been blessed with so many accomplishments, and that is just fine. I love and respect all relationships, and I just wanted my readers to know that. I am always up for conversation about all things love :)


How I’m Creating The Wedding of My Dreams

Hi y’all, I figured I would write up a quick post for everyone who has been following our wedding journey since I really haven’t posted anything about the planning process! I have been asked how I’ve been planning our wedding basically with JUST my mom! And I know everyone thinks it is the hardest and most stressful thing to plan a wedding, but it really isn’t!

The best advice I can give you is plan a wedding that engulfs both you AND your fiance. No one likes a selfish bride, I can tell you that. And no one likes a copy cat, so try to be as original as possible. Michael and I are both so into rustic and country things that we wanted to have our wedding emulate everything that screams us! No, we will not be including camo or plaid in this wedding even though that really is us. Our house is a cute little brick house with dark wood, lace and deer heads and rustic elements all over, so of course our wedding WILL have these things. We even drink out of mason jars on a regular basis, so obviously they have a purpose at our wedding, they’re not just for cute decoration.

First things first, the VENUE. Obviously I knew way before we got engaged that we would be getting married in a barn. My dad is a self made farmer, of course he is straight off the boat Italian but all of his brothers have turned into those tractor, car, truck whatever mechanical thing they can get their hands on kind of guys. My dad has taught himself everything he knows and loves about farming. Michael’s family have been farmers for years, and they also came from Italy, so hard work on the farm is self taught in our families. I grew up in the mud, singing country music, on four-wheelers, and basically driving anything my dad put me on before I was five. Michael has grown up on a farm and loving southern and classic rock. I also just love barns so you know what, I really didn’t need to justify why we chose a barn but what the hell, you can know me better I guess!

When I started looking at venues, I knew our wedding would have over 250 guests, and that was just family and close friends, not even letting anyone bring their kids! So when looking for barns, none of them really held over 150 people and I just don’t have the heart to cut people off my list. So I told my parents about the issue we were having with a venue, and they basically told me to keep looking. After a few weeks, my dad finally came to me with his iPad, and was like “I think I’m going to build me a barn.” If you know my dad, that’s literally how he talks to make it seem like hes doing something for himself, but he really isn’t. Then he says “how about we have the wedding in my new barn.” Of course I was ecstatic because now I could have everything I possibly want for our wedding. (When I say I, Michael does not really care about decorations or small details of our wedding, most guys don’t, so don’t take it personal if he says “do whatever you want”) And so, my dad and his team of Amish friends, built a barn.


Second, the minor details like decorations, tents and chairs; I got really lucky, since my dad is a rock star in life, and helps so many people, a lot of his friends have offered to donate tents and chairs as a gift to Michael and I for our wedding, but of course after our wedding I will totally let everyone know the names of our vendors. (Remember that need be original, that’s why I’m waiting until after our wedding) One of his friends is also an antique dealer, so I will have every piece imaginable that I want. They have also given me suggestions on who else to use for decorations if I need more. My moms friends have also offered to help staff our wedding and make sure everything runs smoothly, and of course help put together my centerpieces, I am only using fake flowers in the centerpieces, the rest of my flowers will be real. In hindsight, it pays to have friends who are willing to help you out, if you’re having a low budget wedding like us. And I am SUPER thankful for all the help people have been offering. The will not go un-noticed, and after our wedding I will be posting everyone who helped us and of course they will be showered in gifts!

Third, the photographer: My lovely friend Olga, has been a huge help in this department. (If you enjoyed our save the date photos, you should highly consider hiring Olga to take your photos, click her name to go to her website). Before I started planning our wedding, I really didn’t care about our wedding photos. I was okay with going the cheap route, hiring someone local and helping a growing business. But talking to other brides who did that, they regretted it. Saving money is great, but you should never skimp out on your wedding photos! These are going to be the only memories you have to show your kids and generations beyond, you want them to look amazing and last a lifetime. So, Olga put together a list of some of the best photographers she knows, because she wanted to be a guest at our wedding and not the photographer, so I didn’t hire her as our main photographer. I want my friends to enjoy our wedding! Anyway, I browsed through the list, looking and emailing each one to find the best fit for our wedding. I knew I wanted all day coverage, because you only get married once, well me anyway, I also knew I wanted a second shooter, because Olga told me the importance of the second shooter is to capture all those minor details that the main photographer might not see or have the chance to shoot you and the reaction of your guests at the same time. I also knew I wanted an album, because they can be expensive if you add them on later! So, after meeting one of the photographers she suggested, we just clicked and I fell in love with her style, so the contract was signed and the rest will have to wait until after our wedding!


Fourth, the attire: Finding my dress was the most insane thing that has ever happened to me. I made countless appointments at other boutiques before finding my dress. The funny thing is, I never made it to those appointments. I knew what I was looking for, but it was all about finding the dress that just ended my search. My mom and I went to a wine tasting in Haddonfield, and we walked through numerous bridal salons filled with people and just made appointments to come back. We walked around all day, and got in our car to leave, when driving down a side street, we passed where I would find my dress. My mom pulls over and says do you want to stop and make an appointment there too? I said sure, so we went in. There was not a soul in this place besides the owner, her mom and her daughter and their dog! They were getting ready for a bridal show the next day, but they greeted us with the most respect and asked me what I was looking for. I told her what I was looking for and she pulled some dresses, and asked me if I wanted to try them on.  I was not expecting this at all! So of course I said yes. My favorite designer is Maggie Sottero, and one of the dresses she pulled was a Maggie, so I tried that one on first. It was brand new, just came to their store, and she zipped it up and it hugged me like I had ordered it for myself! It fit like a glove and was everything that I wanted. I walked out and showed my mom and she just knew. Of course I tried on the other two but they just couldn’t compare. So I put the first dress back on and just stared at myself. I couldn’t believe that I just found my dress. I felt really shitty because it was just my mom and I and I really wanted my sister, Aunt Ann, and future mother-in-law there, but when you know, you know! I FaceTimed my sister and she cried, so I cried, and that was that. My mom thought finding my dress was going to take years, and millions of dollars, but it didnt! I don’t even have the desire to look at other dresses. Mine is perfect for me.


Thats all I’m going to talk about today, I’ll make another post later, but enjoy! If you ever have any questions on how to plan your perfect wedding, you can always contact me! Like I said, I will reveal the names of my vendors after my wedding, so that you can have options!



Staying With My High School Sweetheart Was the Best Decision of My Life

Hi Ya’ll! Its been a little while since I last posted, but you know, holidays and wedding planning get the best of us! I’ve been seeing a lot of engagements, and relationships, and I love it! The holidays are a great time to show your love!


I get asked all the time, don’t you wish you would have dated more people before you settled down? The answer is simply, NO! I know what I have, and I am so lucky, so why would I ever want to let this go! So I just wanted to write a post on why staying with your high school sweetheart is really the best.

  1. You get through those awkward teen phases together– If anyone can still love me after my punk rock stage, my learning how to use make up stage, tons of acne, (gross) and still think I’m a keeper, then heck yeah its meant to be!
  2. You grow and mature together– There have been plenty of breaking up and getting back together for us. We have seen some of the worst life events together and experienced some of the best moments too! Why would I want to give up the only person who has been there for me when no one else was?
  3. We’re the best of friends– We can laugh at each other, tell each other anything, and give each other the most honest advice. The other night Mike and I were just talking about other girls, and he said to me “it doesn’t matter if a ton of girls try to talk to me, you’re going to be my wife, and I know you’re wife material, and you’re mine!” I overlooked the other girls part because he was just too darn sweet!
  4. Our friends turned into our family– Over the past almost eight years, I have spent tons of time with Mike’s friends, enough to consider them my own friends, and at any second if any of them needed anything, I would be there for them, and likewise for Mike with my friends.
  5. We always talk about the past– its nice to have someone who remembers all the little things that have happened over the years. We can scroll through facebook and tell each other what everyone else is doing without having to say whos that? We have experienced everything together, so we can always pick back up where we left off.
  6. We can grow our life together– We have come so far, and we continue to push each other to be better than ever. We have seen each other at our lowest, and when we had nothing, to living a pretty decent life at just 21 and 23. We’ve stood next to each other through life and death, and supported each other financially and mentally, and we have cheered each other on at graduations, and I cant wait to see him in the crowd when I finish my bachelors, and go on to my masters. We love being successful together.
  7. From 14 to 104, I will always be by his side and never give up on him, I’ve matured with him, and we have a lot of patience, we are completely opposite but the same simultaneously, and we are each other’s family.



When You Have The Love Everyone Dreams Of


When I look at the life I have built so far at only 21, I often find myself smiling and thanking God. I wake up every morning in a home that has been in Michael’s family for decades. I get to see the history of the family I am marrying into every single day. I get to take care of this house and make it ours, and I can’t wait to see our children grow in this home, even if it’s not for their whole lives.

I am lucky enough to have a man who takes care of me, and I take care of him. I am able to go to school to create a better life for us, and he works hard to keep us afloat until it’s my turn. I come home and cook a meal for him, and we enjoy cuddling on the couch, having a drink and binge watching our new favorite show. At times, I find myself just staring at him and his handsome face, thinking how the hell did I get so lucky?

There are even moments when it feels like we’re 14 and 15 again, being silly, wrestling, or laughing our heads off in bed at 3 AM. Sometimes it feels like the magic hasn’t changed. And for that, I am even more thankful. I get to watch the love of my life take care of our two spoiled kitties and imagine how well he will be with our future children. I even listen to him sometimes and feel like I’m listening to my dad talk to my mom. It’s weird but true that you find a man who is like your father, especially when your father is the greatest, and most caring man on earth, you find that you deserve the same in a husband. And for that, I am even more lucky.


A lot of the time, I hear “you and Michael are my favorite couple” and I even hear “what do you do to keep it going for so long?” And sometimes “I can’t wait to have a relationship like yours.” Every time I hear these things, my heart grows more and more happy. I love that we can be an inspiration, I say it all the time. But, we work hard for this relationship, we have our moments, but never for a second think about not being together. We have become best friends, and it’s the greatest thing in the world to get to feel excited just to come home and see him. We tell each other all the gossip and he is always the first person I call when I have good or bad news. We see each other cry, we see each other happy, and he stays with me even after seeing my morning face or dealing with my moodiness. We don’t hide anything from each other, and we are always honest, even if it hurts.

The truth is, even if it seems like our relationship is picture perfect, I will never fool anyone and tell them that it’s peaches and cream all the time, because it’s not. Most relationships are just comfortable with each other so they let important problems slide. We don’t. We don’t fight about money, but if there’s an issue with money, we deal with it on the spot. We have our fights when we get on each other’s nerves but there isn’t a second where I think “this is it, it’s over” because it’s not. There isn’t an issue in the world that would make me up and leave him and the same goes for him. We have our moments, work it out and move on. We will never give up on each other and I think that’s the most important.

Good things come over time. I think a lot of couples need to realize that. It takes time to get on a level like ours, it takes dedication and a lot of energy. It takes a lot of understanding and patience. It takes a lot of tears and laughter. It takes hardships and special moments to grow a love like ours. It just takes a little time and some elbow grease, and a lot of love. This is what it’s like to have a love people dream about.



Photos By My Eight Photography

Respecting Other Relationships

I can’t even believe I need to write a post like this, but recently I have seen a lot of negativity and I have even heard negativity toward my own relationship.

Disclosure, if you get offended easily, don’t read. If you feel like this is about you, it’s not, I am just tired of seeing disrespect on social media.

Whether or not you have your own style of being in a relationship or not, it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect, judge, or even try to push your own opinion on someone else’s relationship. I don’t care if you’re being “honest” or “trying to help”, pushing your opinion on someone else is just never okay.


Now, I’m not saying don’t intervene if you see someone being abused, because that’s a different story. But, if you run your relationship a certain way, it doesn’t mean I have to run mine the same way.

  1. Our financial status, is none of your business. Don’t ask how much money I make, save, or put away because if you’re not making my money or paying my bills, you don’t need to be concerned with what we have, or how we got here. Don’t say he should work more, or you should work more, because personally, if we both want to be providers for our life, it does not concern you. Be thankful for your own finances.
  2. How we deal with fights, is our own way, I don’t care how you handle things, or what you let your husband, wife, girlfriend whatever do and don’t do. I don’t care. If we want to fight once a month or not at all, its fine. We don’t fight about money, so our problems aren’t your problems.
  3. The way we respect each other, is also none of your business. If we don’t think the other one should do something, we let each other know. Its not us being controlling, its called respecting each other and respecting your relationship, you should try it some time!
  4. If I want to complain, I will. Its human nature to complain about things that bother you. If you have a problem with what I complain about, then don’t concern yourself.
  5. If we want to miss each other, its fine! We have been inseparable for the past SEVEN years. Its not your place to tell me that I should or shouldn’t miss my SO or feel guilty for not spending our normal time together.
  6. If we want to spend one night a week or I have to cancel plans because I would rather spend the time with my SO, LET ME. I will do the same for you, unless you don’t like spending time together.
  7. Maybe I like posting 5564451564 pictures of us, its not your Facebook, scroll past them if you don’t want to see them.
  8.  If we want our wedding a certain way…. DON’T EVEN BOTHER opening your mouth to tell us what we “should do” or “if I were getting married, I would…” because when your time comes, I wont be pushing my thoughts on you, and if you already got married, I probably didn’t voice my opinion on your wedding.
  9. When we become parents, our parenting style might not be yours, so please don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do for our children.
  10. Any decision that we make is, well… our choice!

Basically, respect other’s ways of being in a relationship. It may not be your cup of tea, or things that you like, but its not your life to live. Being “helpful” and “honest” can come off as more mean than anything so, its probably best to only give your opinion if you are asked for it.



7th Anniversary Post!

Today is October 27th, which means…..
It’s our SEVENTH Anniversary! Yay! So I figured I would post something for my readers to enjoy, because seven years is a long time when you’re only 21 and 22.


No one tells you how hard its going to be to keep a relationship during high school let alone college. You’re young, people are always telling you there are other fish in the sea, and that you should get experience with different people in, but is that just an excuse to sleep around? What if, you had the opportunity to find your soul mate at a young age, would you believe it?

I didn’t think that some guy I shared a business class with, would end up still in my life, seven years later. I always wanted our relationship to be something that other people looked up to, and over time, I have been told constantly that people admire Michael and I, and that we’re they’re favorite couple, which makes my heart so happy!


It was hard, being young and dating the same person all four years of high school, I wont lie to you. We had our break ups, our flings in between, and then our make ups. We have had our fair share of people trying to break us, girls and guys getting in the way of keeping us together, but some how, we kept coming back together. I even decided to try to live at school, my first year of college, and we still made the effort to see each other on his days off, and the weekends when I would come home. But the longer we were together, the more we became best friends.

When we decided to move in together, it was fun and exciting, but no one told us how much of a challenge it is to live with another human other than your family. We had to do a lot of adjusting. We saw sides of each other that you wish you didn’t see. We used the bathroom in front of each other for the first time, showered, and even slept and woke up to my morning face (which is scary, btw!).


Over the years we have done a lot of learning, and growing together, which is what a relationship is about, right? We started off as two kids who had no idea how to kiss, to maturing into adults and sharing a life together. And this is what I want people to know, that in a relationship, shit happens! Bad, good, ugly, pretty, whatever, you have to be willing to stick together no matter what, to make things work. You have to know your person more than you know yourself, and you better be best friends. Being there for each other through every hardship, molds you into the couple you want to be. When you learn how to face things together, things just fall into place. I would have never guessed that at 14, I would meet my husband to be, and now at 21, I cant picture my life without him. Relationships aren’t easy, living together is a pain in the ass, and life is a bitch, but, hard work, respect, love, and trust makes relationships last.

I am beyond blessed to be loved unconditionally by someone like Michael. I can’t believe we have made it this far, and I can’t wait to see where life takes us over the next seven years. We will grow even more, and experience so much more life together.  Our relationship will continue to strengthen and I will continue to fall more and more in love with him. I hope that you can look at our relationship and want what we have too, because everyone deserves to be in an amazing relationship with their best friend.


“When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.” 



Photographs by My Eight Photography

A Letter to My Best Friend, Before Her Wedding

Hi guys! Sorry for neglecting the blog for a while. We have been dealing with personal issues as well as our up coming trip to California for my best friend’s Wedding. I was planning on posting this on Tuesday before we leave, but I just CANT control my excitement to see my best friend get married. So I wrote her a letter that I’m letting everyone read, as well as her. Enjoy!  image

Dear Taylor,
In just a few short days, I’ll be standing there watching you put the final touches on your wedding gown, getting ready to turn and leave to start your life as Mrs. Stone. I know there won’t be a dry eye in the place, because this is the moment we have been waiting for.
Michael is one lucky man, he gets to have you as his wife, someone who is so self-less, passionate and devoted to him. He gets you just how you are, from this point on, as his wife and partner through life. I know you will always stand by his side, and go through life hand in hand.


But, he doesn’t get to know all the things that I know and love about you. He will never know what it was like to be the new girl in a public school, trying to navigate her way through switching classes, because coming from a Catholic school, I didn’t know how public school worked. He doesn’t know what it was like the first day I met you, in Mrs. Cirocco’s 6th period enrichment class, where we just clicked. It was from then on, all the memories, laughs and tears we have shared over the past 10 years as best friends.
Michael doesn’t get to know what it’s like to have a slumber party, watching movies, building blanket forts, messing with Sydney, eating bags upon bags of pizza rolls, wearing ridiculous clothes, taking thousands of weird pictures, and going through the awkward and ugly stages of our lives. From vacations to Disney World, to Disney Land, I think we have done and seen it all. Field hockey, to proms, to dealing with heartbreaks from boys and girls who stood in the way. Through maturing from middle school to high school to becoming wives, we have been by each other’s sides.


Michael won’t also know what it’s like to have 3,000 miles between us. A cross country friendship is just as difficult as a long distance relationships. The time difference never stood in the way of texting and enjoying laughs, it still let us be a shoulder to cry on, and advice through every situation. It’s been difficult but we have made it work.


I don’t get to be there to watch your marriage grow in person but I will be there waiting for texts with exciting news, or a listening ear when you hit a rough patch.
I do get to wish you only the best and success and happiness as your marriage develops and your relationship strengthens. And I know through the power of love and trust in God, you will have the most amazing marriage.

I can’t wait to stand by your side on your wedding day, and I can’t wait to be there for every milestone. The best piece of advice I can give you is, “when the root is deep there is no reason to fear the wind” always be strong and have a strong love for each other, and everything will be fine.
Love you so much!



Life is Better, When Your Man Has A Beard

Disclaimer: this post is purely opinion based. I am not claiming that men who do not have beards aren’t as great, this is seriously just my preference.

As many of you know, I am in love with rugged looking men. The bigger the beard the better. Your life is just ten times better when you’re with a man with a beard. Michael without a beard, makes me feel like I’m marrying a baby, he honestly looks 15 instead of 23 if he doesn’t have a beard. A TSA agent at the airport didn’t believe that his drivers license was him because the ID had a picture of him sans beard! Here are just some reasons why beards are just better!


  1. He looks older! The beard just adds maturity to his face!
  2. It keeps you warm at night and basically any time of day. Have you seen that thing? It’s so bushy and warm!
  3. Kissing his face isn’t as bad as you would think. It tickles and it really doesn’t even smell bad at all.
  4. He looks more rugged than he may actually be. This isn’t true in Michael’s case. He really is rugged and tough, he just needs a few tattoos.
  5. If you can’t have a pet, you literally can use your boyfriend/fiancé/husband’s face. He might actually let you pet it or brush it.
  6. Other men just respect him more, people will compliment him on his beard and he will feel way more confident in himself.
  7. Other girls will also want him. Not that this is a great thing, because it’s not and he is mine, but it’s a confidence boost for him.
  8. HE JUST LOOKS BETTER! Like if your man has a beard, 9 times out of 10 you have to restrain yourself from pouncing on him in public because ugh DAMN he looks so good!

image image

Hes going to kill me for those pictures but it’s cool because he’s so darn cute.

See y’all next Tuesday!