A Year Later, A Letter to My Grandma in Heaven

If you aren’t close to your grandparents, you probably wont understand, but this is something that has taken a huge piece of my heart and sent it with her to heaven.

Dear Mom Mom Wellie,
It’s been an entire year since God decided that he needed you with him more than we did here. I can’t lie and tell you that it’s gotten easier without you here, because the pain still creeps up on me, and I find myself thinking about you and the tears just fall down my face.
There isn’t a day where I don’t get the urge to call you, only to look at my phone and realize I can’t. A second does not go by without me hearing your laugh or smelling your perfume, that puts a smile on my face. I find myself scrolling through my Facebook, reading all of the comments about how proud you were of your grand kids and kids, and I instantly feel my eyes filling up.

I miss everything about you. I miss the over-decorated cards on every holiday, that now wont come in the mail, I miss the hand made gifts you loved to send, and even every holiday you would send something for Michael too as if he were one of your own. I miss your hugs, and your singing, and hearing your contagious laugh either through the phone, or coming down the hall. I miss seeing you “put your face on” or take me shoe shopping because everyone else couldn’t stand our 800 pairs of shoes. I hate being the only one now to enjoy pistachio ice cream, or circus peanuts, and Canadian mints.

No one takes you aside to tell you how hard it is to not have one of your best friends with you anymore. No one tells you how hard it is that you can’t pick up the phone and call when you have exciting news, or you had a bad day and needed some cheering up. Its hard to go through life events and not have you there. Now I have to carry your picture with me, in my car, or on my graduation cap, or on my bouquet, when I wish I could just have you next to me, hugging me with tears in your eyes telling me how proud you are. But now, I have to stand there, without you, with tears in my own eyes, missing you.

Michael and I will have to tell our kids how amazing you were. And I promise to keep your memory alive in everything I do. I know you’re watching over us with the biggest smile. I miss and love you so much Mom Mom Wellie, I hope heaven is filled with the most laughter now that you’re there. I’m sure you already told them that “the queen has arrived” and taught them all the importance of saying “all-righty-then” and serenaded them with either the Sound of Music, or A Bushel and a Peck. They are super lucky to have you up there.


xoxo, I love you to heaven and back,



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