Our Relationships Aren’t the Same, and That’s Okay


Our relationship, might not be your relationship, and that’s just fine. You might not like how we do things, and that is also just fine. I would never belittle anyone just because their relationship is different than mine. You have your relationship, and I am more than happy for you. So, be happy for us too.

Everyone has their own ways on what a relationship means to them, which is awesome because no two people love the same. Some might be super open with their struggles, and their highs and lows, others might be private, and that is just fine too. Don’t ever judge a relationship just because it isn’t how you see yours.

I would never doubt any one’s relationship, unless its an abusive one, which is a different story. I believe that all relationships are just as beautiful as the next. Just because someone’s relationship may be different or “seem” better than yours, it doesn’t mean it is, and you should never think of any relationship being better than yours. But you should always respect others.

Sometimes, all some people have to show for their accomplishments in life is their relationship, and others have been blessed with so many accomplishments, and that is just fine. I love and respect all relationships, and I just wanted my readers to know that. I am always up for conversation about all things love :)



Questions? Comments? Concerns? All welcome!

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