Staying With My High School Sweetheart Was the Best Decision of My Life

Hi Ya’ll! Its been a little while since I last posted, but you know, holidays and wedding planning get the best of us! I’ve been seeing a lot of engagements, and relationships, and I love it! The holidays are a great time to show your love!


I get asked all the time, don’t you wish you would have dated more people before you settled down? The answer is simply, NO! I know what I have, and I am so lucky, so why would I ever want to let this go! So I just wanted to write a post on why staying with your high school sweetheart is really the best.

  1. You get through those awkward teen phases together– If anyone can still love me after my punk rock stage, my learning how to use make up stage, tons of acne, (gross) and still think I’m a keeper, then heck yeah its meant to be!
  2. You grow and mature togetherРThere have been plenty of breaking up and getting back together for us. We have seen some of the worst life events together and experienced some of the best moments too! Why would I want to give up the only person who has been there for me when no one else was?
  3. We’re the best of friends– We can laugh at each other, tell each other anything, and give each other the most honest advice. The other night Mike and I were just talking about other girls, and he said to me “it doesn’t matter if a ton of girls try to talk to me, you’re going to be my wife, and I know you’re wife material, and you’re mine!” I overlooked the other girls part because he was just too darn sweet!
  4. Our friends turned into our family– Over the past almost eight years, I have spent tons of time with Mike’s friends, enough to consider them my own friends, and at any second if any of them needed anything, I would be there for them, and likewise for Mike with my friends.
  5. We always talk about the past– its nice to have someone who remembers all the little things that have happened over the years. We can scroll through facebook and tell each other what everyone else is doing without having to say whos that? We have experienced everything together, so we can always pick back up where we left off.
  6. We can grow our life together– We have come so far, and we continue to push each other to be better than ever. We have seen each other at our lowest, and when we had nothing, to living a pretty decent life at just 21 and 23. We’ve stood next to each other through life and death, and supported each other financially and mentally, and we have cheered each other on at graduations, and I cant wait to see him in the crowd when I finish my bachelors, and go on to my masters. We love being successful together.
  7. From 14 to 104, I will always be by his side and never give up on him, I’ve matured with him, and we have a lot of patience, we are completely opposite but the same simultaneously, and we are each other’s family.




Questions? Comments? Concerns? All welcome!

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