Respecting Other Relationships

I can’t even believe I need to write a post like this, but recently I have seen a lot of negativity and I have even heard negativity toward my own relationship.

Disclosure, if you get offended easily, don’t read. If you feel like this is about you, it’s not, I am just tired of seeing disrespect on social media.

Whether or not you have your own style of being in a relationship or not, it doesn’t give you the right to disrespect, judge, or even try to push your own opinion on someone else’s relationship. I don’t care if you’re being “honest” or “trying to help”, pushing your opinion on someone else is just never okay.


Now, I’m not saying don’t intervene if you see someone being abused, because that’s a different story. But, if you run your relationship a certain way, it doesn’t mean I have to run mine the same way.

  1. Our financial status, is none of your business. Don’t ask how much money I make, save, or put away because if you’re not making my money or paying my bills, you don’t need to be concerned with what we have, or how we got here. Don’t say he should work more, or you should work more, because personally, if we both want to be providers for our life, it does not concern you. Be thankful for your own finances.
  2. How we deal with fights, is our own way, I don’t care how you handle things, or what you let your husband, wife, girlfriend whatever do and don’t do. I don’t care. If we want to fight once a month or not at all, its fine. We don’t fight about money, so our problems aren’t your problems.
  3. The way we respect each other, is also none of your business. If we don’t think the other one should do something, we let each other know. Its not us being controlling, its called respecting each other and respecting your relationship, you should try it some time!
  4. If I want to complain, I will. Its human nature to complain about things that bother you. If you have a problem with what I complain about, then don’t concern yourself.
  5. If we want to miss each other, its fine! We have been inseparable for the past SEVEN years. Its not your place to tell me that I should or shouldn’t miss my SO or feel guilty for not spending our normal time together.
  6. If we want to spend one night a week or I have to cancel plans because I would rather spend the time with my SO, LET ME. I will do the same for you, unless you don’t like spending time together.
  7. Maybe I like posting 5564451564 pictures of us, its not your Facebook, scroll past them if you don’t want to see them.
  8.  If we want our wedding a certain way…. DON’T EVEN BOTHER opening your mouth to tell us what we “should do” or “if I were getting married, I would…” because when your time comes, I wont be pushing my thoughts on you, and if you already got married, I probably didn’t voice my opinion on your wedding.
  9. When we become parents, our parenting style might not be yours, so please don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t do for our children.
  10. Any decision that we make is, well… our choice!

Basically, respect other’s ways of being in a relationship. It may not be your cup of tea, or things that you like, but its not your life to live. Being “helpful” and “honest” can come off as more mean than anything so, its probably best to only give your opinion if you are asked for it.




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