You Don’t Know Us

This week, I feel like giving a reality check to those who think they might know Michael and I just because they read about us online.

You might read about us, you might follow my posts on FaceBook, or Instagram, or you might have known us at one point in your life. But here’s the real truth; you don’t really KNOW us. Only our close friends and family really know what goes on in our life.


I will never air our dirty laundry online. You will never know when we are fighting or going through a hard time, and to be honest, it’s no one’s business. And that’s just one way we keep our relationship strong. But I will tell you that it isn’t always peaches and cream and happy days, we have our fights, but we always over come them.

Something you might not know is that together, we have dealt with some hard times recently, and of course I wouldn’t make it known, I feel like I should because some of you seem to think “we have it easy.” The truth is, we don’t. We struggle a lot but together we support each other. We don’t take hand outs from our parents, we work hard, we work about 40+ hours a week individually and we save most of our earnings. We support ourselves. Everything we have, we bought and pay for. And here’s something amazing, Michael bought us a HOUSE. What 22 year old do you know owns a house of their own? Not rented, OWNED, but of course we don’t boast about it, so most of you would never know!

We also have been faced with some of the hardest times recently, but yet again, we keep to ourselves. A family member has been very sick, and day in and day out we spend countless hours at the hospital dealing with well, life. But those of you who “know” us, don’t know that. Funny isn’t it?

And to top it all off, I lost my best friend, my grandmother, back in March and I bet you didn’t know that some nights I still cry because it was sudden and unfair. But I don’t tell anyone that, besides Michael because we keep to ourselves. I could be driving and burst into tears because I can’t cope with her death. But how many of you know that?

What I’m trying to say is, don’t act like you know us just because you see what I post online. I will never put anything out there again like this, because I never like to seem vulnerable. And that’s just what makes us strong.

Thanks for reading this week!

xoxo love y’all faithful peeps!



Questions? Comments? Concerns? All welcome!

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