The One: Have You Found Them?

Since it is summer, and like I’ve said before, I’m working a lot more, so my posts for now are going to be bi-weekly! I’m sorry! I’m a busy bee!

This week, I wanted to talk about the ways you know you’ve found “the one.” Of course there are people who think every partner they have is “the one” and even though I’ve only been with Michael, there are things about him and our relationship that I know make this relationship permanent!


  1. Things shouldn’t feel forced— you would know you met your soul mate just by the fact that you don’t have to force yourself to be happy. You shouldn’t have to question whether or not this is for you and if you’re happy. The relationship should just come natural, and it should never feel one sided.
  2. You should be building together— and by this I mean, tasks and bills should be taken care of together. There should never be a point where you feel that he does everything or she does everything, or everything you have is because of your SO. When you’re with the one, everything in the relationship is because both of you got yourselves to this point.
  3. You can always be yourself— you should be loved for who you are, good, bad and ugly. You should be able to be as loud as you are or as weird as you want, and still feel comfortable.
  4. Fights range from stupid little things, to important big things— when Mike and I have a fight, if it’s small it’s over something dumb, or I’m just being annoying or paranoid, but if it’s big, it’s usually over something important or serious, but at the end of the day we still love each other. And most importantly, NEVER fight about money!
  5. They’re the first person you call— when you have good news or bad news, you don’t think of telling anyone else first, it’s them and always them.
  6. You can’t remember what life was like without them— even if it hasn’t been 7 years like Mike and I, you can’t think of a time when you weren’t together. Michael said the other day, has it really been seven years? And I’m like YES, but it sure doesn’t feel like it!
  7. You tend to still miss them-– even if you aren’t apart for days or months at a time, you still find yourself wanting to be right there with them!
  8. You know how to get under each other’s skin— with so much love comes the ability to annoy each other, and if you can’t enjoy that, you’re not soul mates!
  9. You have a bond like no other— best friends can’t even come close to what you have. And even if sometimes you can’t see eye to eye, you get on the same page when it matters most.
  10. They know everything about you, but still learn new things every day— they’re seriously part of every story you tell others, you can tell when the other is hurt or needs to talk, but some how you keep learning more and more, eventually you’ll be able to write a book about them, but you’ll have to update the edition every month or so!
  11. You feel protected and secure— you might not have a lot, but you sure have arms to hold you when you’re down, and a person who makes you feel like the world, so together you have it all.
  12. You’re basically became the same person— not only do you get “we” cards and gifts on Christmas, but you often find yourselves sounding like the other or doing things they would do, and you’re like wow, I’m starting to become (insert SO here).
  13. Your family and friends know that most of the time, you’re a package deal— you don’t go anywhere without each other, but at the same time, you can do things without the other, it’s weird, but I think it’s called independence mixed with codependence. It’s a little bit of both.
  14. You have your own language— looks turn into intense laughter, and you don’t even have to say anything! Or I know if I say anything smart, Michael will mumble under his breath something slick and I don’t even have to know what he said before he starts laughing and I’m smiling ear to ear. We can be critical of each other and joke around, and still love each other.
  15. You don’t feel the need to keep looking for someone better— because you already know you have the best, and you don’t want anyone else to come into your life. You can feel it in your soul that you’ve found the right one.

Let me know how you found your soul mate, or if you’re still looking, you know what to look for now!




Questions? Comments? Concerns? All welcome!

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