Some Things Should Stay Off Social Media!

Sorry this post is slightly late, I’ve been quite busy with work, our upcoming trip to California and more wedding plans!

This week I want to write about something I see so often on social media, and it’s not only a huge pet peeve of mine, but it is also the demise of so many relationships today. Do not air your dirty laundry online, and do not air your sexual endeavors or even overly romantic statues. There are certain things in a relationship that should stay private in a world so public.

Monitoring what you chose to put on social media will save your relationship. We live in an age where over sharing is a serious epidemic. We post what we ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we post our ailments and possible diseases, we post when we want attention or need help, and we post the highs and lows of our relationships, which we shouldn’t. imageWe don’t care if you and your SO are going through the ringer, we don’t want to see you fight back and forth in the comments, or have anyone in your extended family jump in. First of all, it’s immature to put any of your business out there, second of all, why would you want anyone to see that you could be on the verge of breaking up? Why would you even let people who probably want your relationship to fail to remotely think they were right? Fighting online is one of the most unattractive things I see in relationships. Fight in private, and hey if things don’t work, I’m sure you’ll let us all know by your change in relationship status from “in a relationship” to “single.”

Another thing to keep off of social media is honestly anything that has to do with your sex life whether you’re in or out of a relationship. Don’t post half naked pictures showing off the “goods” and for the love of God, don’t post pictures of you in bed naked with your SO. It’s tasteless and your friends Aunt Sally probably won’t appreciate it. Also if you’re on a break, you can totally keep those “drunken nights” posts off Facebook too. We don’t care about the bar rat you picked up and took around the block. Even if you’re single as a dollar bill I don’t care to see anything about your flavor of the week and chances are, your future SO won’t find it attractive either.

And lastly, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face on my death bed, the overly romantic, over baby talked statuses, have got to go. We don’t care if your “babycake loveface” opened the car door for you or even wiped your ass. Yes it’s cute if your SO gets you flowers or brings you breakfast in bed, but if it’s an every day thing, we don’t need to know every day. And I also don’t need to see you go back and forth with who loves who more, because chances are, next week, he won’t love you more.

These are always red flags I see come across social media and then the next week you’re single and complaining again. I’m all for appreciating what you have on social media, but we don’t need to know your fights, your bedroom lives and the baby talk. I’m not calling anyone out in particular, just calling things as I see them. In my experience, and my opinion, keeping these off of social media is for the best and will save your relationship. Trust me, Michael and I have made it through the immature high school years without blowing everyone’s life up on social media and I bet you wouldn’t have ever known how many times we’ve broken up or even our struggles because we’ve never posted about it. Do your relationship a solid, and keep certain things private! It’ll be worth it, even 7 years later!

What are some things you find annoying on social media? Leave me feedback in the comments!

See y’all next Tuesday!



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