October what 2016?

As promised, this post is going to reveal the date that Michael and I have chosen for our wedding! Of course I’m not going to give it away that easily!
Our life as a couple has a lot to do with sevens and eights… Our anniversary is October 27 2008, my birthday is August 7th, the eighth month, Michael’s birthday is December 17th and a lot of other dates and addresses from our past have a lot to do with sevens and eights! You might say that’s just a coincidence, and that’s okay.

When talking about the date we wanted to get married, my answer was as soon as possible! If you can imagine, Michael was not as eager to rush to the alter, but hey… I tried! So, we knew we wanted to wait until I finished college (May 2016), and Michael refused to have a summer wedding because it would be “too hot.” So we decided that since our anniversary was in October, and we want a rustic country wedding anyway, lets keep our anniversary in October. Okay, so great, here we are, we have a month but what about a day?

If we kept our anniversary as the 27th, it would fall on a Thursday and getting married on a Thursday just wouldn’t work. So we thought about the 29th, but blogthat was way too close to Halloween, and although I love Halloween, I don’t love it enough to get married on it, plus, the end of October gets kind of chilly in NJ so no thank you. So, we thought about the other Fridays and Saturdays of October, and I noticed something magical…. October 7th was the date my parents got married! although they got married in 1995 (it would technically be their 21st wedding anniversary)  they would be together 35 years by October 2016 so I felt like this would be good luck for us to be married on my relationship role models’ anniversary!

A Friday wedding would be pretty cool, its cheaper, and it has significance, but finding a barn was hard and most of them were an hour to two hours away and it would be too much to drive to especially those wedding guests coming from work. So we would essentially have to have a Saturday wedding anyway to have the barn wedding of our dreams. And then… by the Grace of God Michael and I got the best venue surprise, and we just knew, we had to have a Saturday wedding! (I am not giving out where our wedding is going to be just yet, but it will be a huge surprise to our guests, so stay tuned!).

So, October 8th 2016? Not too shabby, we would still be close enough to my parents anniversary, so I still felt good about our choice. Last Friday (May 22nd) we went to Michael’s uncles wedding. It was beautiful! As we were talking to his grandparents, they asked if we decided on a date, and we said yeah probably October 8th 2016. His grandmas eyes lit up in the most adorable way and said that’s our wedding anniversary! And Michael said well I guess its set then! So we get to have two beautiful wedding anniversaries so significant to us with all the luck and happiness, as our wedding day!

So there you have it, book your calendars now, October 8th 2016 will be the day we become Mr and Mrs!

What do you think of our wedding date? Will your wedding date have significance? If you aren’t getting married yet, do you often think of dates you would want? Leave me feedback in the comments!

See you next Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “October what 2016?

  1. Another great post! I love the meaning behind your date! I told you about Joe’s and I date, we’re other getting married in 2016! Excited for you!


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