Things I wish I knew before getting engaged…

As wedding season is in full swing, this week I thought I should let future brides know something’s I wish I knew before getting engaged and starting this whole wedding planning thing.

1. The number of people who want to give their unwanted opinions. Once you start wedding planning after you get engaged, people feel that it’s okay to tell you how your day should be and where you should have it. It’s pretty difficult when you’re trying to plan things and people try to tell you what you should do. Unless you’re asked for input, try not to give it.

2. People who only want to be your friend to get an invite, and these same people will probably ask you for a plus one. Invite who you want to be there, if this includes people who come and go in your life, then so be it, but the people who come out of the woodwork when you get engaged is crazy, especially if they were a crappy friend or just an acquaintance that you really don’t need at your wedding.

3. People who expect to be in your bridal party. This is a big one. Everyone you might be close to will start asking or even assuming that they’re a bridesmaid. It’s a hard thing to deal with because what if you only really want a few girls, but you’re really close to a lot of people? How do you decide? I am still currently deciding on bridesmaids, but I have had to tell a few people no, and even cut some “friends” off because they got so overbearing. Pick girls who have been there through thick and thin for you.

4. The amount of fun you have picking out things and deciding things with your fiancé! Michael and I love going thrifting for our unique pieces that we want in our wedding. We have had tons of fun deciding where and when and what we want for our wedding and it’s amazing to see us work together to plan the most amazing wedding.image

5. DRESS SHOPPING! Hello! This is both frustrating and so much fun. I’m looking for a very specific dress so it’s going to take me a while but trying all of these amazing dresses on is so much fun and brining your family makes it even more special. (The dress pictured is not the one, but, this was the first time I tried on dresses. I can’t wait to go again!) I can wait to find the one as perfect as my man!

6. The love you feel when you include your family in your plans. This is beyond the best feeling in the world. I don’t know what I would do without my mom and sister and aunt helping me along the way. This is the first real wedding we have gotten to plan so we’re all learning together and the experience has been amazing.

Although there has been some annoyances that I wish someone would have warned me about, there have been some amazing things that I’m glad I get to experience while enjoying wedding planning. It’s all about being happy and enjoying your time and doing what you and your fiancé want. Because why take advice from someone other than yourselves? Weddings are times to remember and of course you want the best memories possible.

What are some things that annoy you about wedding planning? What are some things that have been amazing? If you’re not getting married yet, what are some things you’re dreading and some things you look forward to?

See you next Tuesday!



Questions? Comments? Concerns? All welcome!

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