What’s the big deal with getting married young?

Reactions I get often when I say “I have a fiancé” range from OMG HOW CUTE, to you are so young, you have your entire life ahead of you. And if you know me at all, you know how I feel when people downgrade couples because they are young and in love. Why is it that we can drive at 17, go to war at 18, buy cigarettes at 19, drink at 21, and rent a car at 25, but getting married before 30 is frowned upon? What does it matter to “adults” who raised this generation, if we decide to get married? We learn from the examples that were set before us, so what does it matter?

“You don’t know each other that well.” After almost 7 years together, I have seen the good, the bad and imagethe ugly, and I know more about him than most “adults” know about their husbands and wives, that they waited to marry. And I get that most young people today “don’t want to be tied down” or they’re “waiting for the one worth their time” and that’s great! But why knock those of us who are in healthy and loving relationships when we’re ready for the next step? I get to come home to the most amazing man, a man who works hard to give us the life we deserve, and I get to sleep next to him and share the highs and lows of our days. I have someone who is faithful to me and thinks the world of me, so why can’t I get married at 22?

“But don’t you want to travel the world and enjoy your twenties?” I  already traveled across the United States, and some of Europe, so why can’t I travel the world with him? And enjoy my twenties? Why can’t I enjoy my twenties with someone who gives me the sense of adventure most people lack? “Don’t you want to get drunk and experience what normal college years are like?” Yeah, because I totally want to get shitfaced, hook up with some guy I barely know, probably get an STD and never talk to that guy again and then repeat the whole thing the next night…. That sounds amazing… Not. Why can’t I get drunk with my friends and come home to a man who I know will take care of me and be there in the morning for me and won’t take advantage of me because I’m drunk? I see so many girls and guys sleep around, and then complain that they wish they had someone steady, or they’re so tired of “dating” if that’s what you want to call it.

I get to experience the best years of my life with someone who wants to do all the same things too. We can explore and have a good time together. We can go out and party with good friends and have a great time. We have the ability to enjoy ourselves, together and we are crazy about each other. After seven years we’re still in that honeymoon phase, and if you’re in love enough, you’ll be in that phase for the longest time. So why can’t we get married young? We already act like we’re married, we’re responsible, we pay bills, we earn a living, and we are madly in love with each other. So what’s the big deal with marrying young? It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What do you think about marrying young? Honest opinions are welcome!

See y’all next Tuesday


Photo by Olga Hinchman


2 thoughts on “What’s the big deal with getting married young?

  1. Totally agree! I got this reaction all the time! People used to ask if I had a kid (or ask why I didn’t) and when I would mention my husband everyone said the same things.. Especially about having my life ahead of me.. I don’t understand how they thought having a child was okay but having a husband was soooo crazy.
    People just confuse age with maturity which is surprising because I can’t be the only one who has met people who are 5-10 years older than me but still act like they’re in high school.


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