My Relationship Role Models

Have you ever looked at a couple on Facebook or Instagram and fantasized about your own love life? These things happen all the time. We often have unrealistic examples of how relationships and marriages should be. The movies over romance what it’s really like to be in a relationship, and obviously on social media, people make relationships seem perfect. We should honestly throw those ideas out, stop posting pictures of celebrity couples saying “life goals” because behind closed doors, they might hate each other! Think about real love stories to base your love life off of. Have real expectations of relationships and marriages, the ones that show the good, the bad and the ugly!

imageI have the best examples of how I want to base my marriage from. I am lucky to have parents who have been together for almost 35 years, and not only are they in love, but they have their moments which I have seen my fair share growing up. I am also lucky to have my grandparents who have been together for 30 years as well, and they too have shown the most amazing moments. But the best part is that they taught me everything to expect in a relationship.

My mom and dad started dating in 1981 and they are three years apart. My favorite part of their story is that for the longest time I thought they met and fell in love at a gas station. But of course, that may imagehave been where they started dating, it’s not where they fell in love. My mom has always been strong and independent, and my dad has always been kind and hardworking. Over the years I have always seen my parents support and love each other through everything. The hard times, and the good times, they stand by each other like any good couple should. I have seen them fight, but I have always watched them reconcile. They always kiss each other good bye because you never know what will happen. Their love and strength has shown me what I should want and deserve in a relationship.

Because of my parents and grandparents, I am fortunate enough to have that relationship. I have a man that is so hard working and supports me through thick and thin, and I support him through every endeavor, we work together, and have our moments, and I’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard, and not always love and smiles. I will never pretend that our relationship is something that it’s not, I think pretending your relationship is perfect is really only hurting yourself, and I hope our relationship inspires other couples or people who are single to never settle and find a relationship that is healthy and has all of those ups and downs. Find someone who will work as hard as you to support the both of you, and someone who cares about you as much as you care about them. It will never be sunshine and perfection every single time, and don’t go into a relationship thinking that it will, but of course there will be moments that will be amazing because that’s what you deserve, and I hope my relationship is inspirational to you.

Don’t forget to leave me feedback in the comments, or leave me who inspires your relationship!

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