Engagement Story Time!

I think it’s time to give a personal kind of blog post this week, starting with one of the most magical days of my life. Or should I say week? Because it seriously took an entire week! I’m talking about getting engaged! I also want to talk about enjoying your engagement instead of hurrying up and getting married! I love taking things slow and savoring the moments.

Of course everyone wants their engagement to be spectacular and unique and “he better hire a photographer” but get real…… It’s most likely going to be just the two of you, but you won’t forget it for the rest of your life. How did it happen for me, you ask?

Basically, Michael and I were working at the same ShopRite at this time, and he got done work before me. We were going on vacation the next day, and my birthday was coming up. He kept asking what I wanted for my birthday and at this point we were together for 5 years and moving in together so I would always joke and say a ring. Obviously, I don’t recommend begging and pestering your man every single holiday for a ring because you’ll most likely break up. Anyway, I got done work and he calls me and says meet me at the mall so we can pick out your birthday gift. Of course I get there and he’s so darn cute, we look at rings! imageHe picks out a couple and I try them all on and he told me to pick the one I like the most! I was so excited but overwhelmed with emotions because I didn’t want him to feel forced, I of course cried. But he wanted to, so he bought it and kept the bag………. Uh hello? I just cried in public and you’re taking the ring? Well duh, he said he wants to do it when he’s ready. What a tease! So we go on vacation, and he puts that stupid box next to our bed and day in and day out of vacation, I’m looking at that box thinking when the heck are you going to ask me! At this point, our vacation is coming to an end, and I had given up hope. We were walking on the boardwalk, having a great time, and I ask Mike if we could go on the Ferris wheel because I love them and I always ride them. He didn’t want to, that fun sponge, but we bought tickets anyway and got on. We get to the top and it stops as usual, and he says “wow wouldn’t this be a great place to do it” I was like haha yeah, but you keep leaving that dang box at home. And he said “if only I brought the ring…” And I’m like oh great thanks for another tease! But then he pulls the ring out of his pocket and asks me right there and I couldn’t stop smiling! It was beautiful and everything I didn’t imagine would happen. And then of course he says “what if I would have dropped the ring off the Ferris wheel!” Ah classic Mike. Always trying to be funny. But then he said he had the ring all week trying to find the right time. How sweet!

So now almost two years later and we are officially a year and a half away from being Mr. and Mrs. Yes, by the time we get married we will have been together for 8 years and engaged for 3. One, we are still young. Two, like I said, savoring the moment is honestly the best way to be happy. I love still being in the honeymoon stage, and adventuring and just learning about each other before its permanent! Being engaged is that blissful time before you officially become stuck together forever….. Well of course I can’t wait to be married! But what I’m trying to say is enjoy your time together, take things slow, know each other inside and out, get your wild and crazy adventures out, live in 10 different places before becoming one and anchoring down somewhere to start a family.

Tell me your engagement story in the comments, or tell me how you want it to happen!
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Photo by Portraits by Olga Hinchman


5 thoughts on “Engagement Story Time!

  1. My husband & I have been married 3 years today and I still remember our engagement like it was yesterday. We started dating in March of 2008 and got engaged in December 2010, so we had been together almost 3 years. We were, and still are, the type of couple that talked about everything (communication is key) so, of course, getting engaged/married was not a new topic for us. I knew it would happen … eventually.

    We had adopted the tradition of getting each other new pajamas (gotta have cute jammies for Christmas morning) each year and would open that ONE present on Christmas Eve. So, we headed out, seperatly, in seach of the perfect pj’s for the other, wrapped them up and placed them under the tree and waited for Christmas Eve.

    Christmas Eve came and we were excited to open our present to each other and he insisted I go first. I opened the box, pulled out the cutest pair of pink polka dotted jammies and noticed something shiny dangling from the drawstring. Oh my god … It’s a ring!!!!

    In the midst of all this, John had shifted from a seated position to down on one knee!!! This is REALLY happening … was all I could think as he took my hands into his, looked into my eyes and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him.

    With butterflies in my stomach and joy in my heart that this day had finally come, a million ways to answer were all running through my head … YES … YES, OF COURSE … YES, I LOVE YOU … OH MY GOD, YES … you get the idea … but, I was only able to utter one word …. “Really?” …

    “Yes, really,” he replied. “YESSSSS!!” I wrapped my arms around him so tight knowing that this was the beginning of our forever! We told our families on Christmas Day and the rest is our history … <3


  2. I don’t mind how it happens, but I really want Kevin to incorporate Bryce into the engagement part however possible. I think it would be so cute if Bryce walks up and says “here mommy” and then I look and see Kevin down on one knee. It would also be awesome to be around our immediate families. That’s all I hope for :)


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