10 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship

Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post last week, we are dealing with a family emergency, but I have been thinking a lot about this weeks post so I figured I would give you something to enjoy. I often get asked, how do you make your relationship work? How do you make it last so long? And although every relationship is different, I thought it would be nice to give a few tips and inspiration for making your relationship strong and lasting.

  1. Admit when you’re wrong, not when you’re right! In a relationship it’s super important when you’re fighting and things get ugly to just take the blame if you know that you’re wrong. And if your SO decides that they’re wrong, don’t throw it in their face that you were right.
  2. Fighting is a beautiful thing. Not fighting every day but here and there, you have to get annoyed by something and you certainly can’t bottle it up forever, and I’m not saying physically fight, but it’s okay to explode now and then because your SO will know something is finally bothering you and it might be bothering them too.
  3. Don’t EVER take material things for granted. Small gifts here and there are fine, when you’re celebrating, or flowers just because I love you. But don’t ever expect gifts. Chances are if you nag and complain about material things, you will never see them. And it’s important to just enjoy each other.
  4. Poke fun at each other! If someone does something dumb, laugh at it! Let the small mishaps be funny stories you tell your friends, or something you and your SO laugh at when you’re so tired in bed at 3 am, those are the best moments.image
  5. Give each other space. You don’t need to be up each others asses 24/7 and you will learn this very quickly that sometimes you just need time to yourself, especially after 7 years, we like spending time with our friends alone and I even like having me time and I know Michael does too.
  6. Find things to do together! Something that you both like to do, or try something new together. This summer I’m letting Michael get me into Airosoft, and we’re going to make it a point to go fishing once a week because that’s what I like to do.
  7. Kiss each other hi and bye. You never know what may happen, so it’s necessary to kiss each other before you leave and when you return. Throw an “I love you” in there too.
  8. Give each other compliments! They don’t have to be about physical looks either, you could just say, I love the way you cook dinner every night, or you are so hard working! Letting the other one know how important they are to you is so rewarding.
  9. WRESTLE! Be silly and have fun! If he’s laying on the couch, jump on him! If she’s cleaning something on the floor, tackle her to the ground! Playful physical contact is so romantic and fun, it brings you closer and gives you a time to be happy.
  10. Trust, trust, trust. Be confident and trust your SO. Trust is the most important quality in a relationship. Although it is hard with social media and phones with pass codes, you have to be confident enough to trust them. Because if you can’t trust them, why are you with them.

This is just a short list. There are TONS of other things you can do to strengthen your relationship. But having fun and showing each other love is the most important. You don’t just want to be comfortable in your relationship, you want to feel all the emotions you felt from day one to today. Trust, love and happiness is what we live by and I know these tips work.

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Photo by Portatits by Olga Hinchman

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One thought on “10 Tips for Strengthening Your Relationship

  1. ABSOLUTELY agreed with EVERYTHING you said!!!! couples need their space as well as doing things together! I love how you said wrestling! thats such a good thing to mention. It shows that couples can trust each other. *in my opinion* can’t wait to read next weeks!


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