Do you stay or do you go?

Today, let’s talk about that sticky situation you may find yourself in or maybe you find one of your friends in. I’m hoping this will help them out. A reader as asked me if I would talk about whether or not it’s time to let go of a relationship.

Believe it or not, at one point in our relationship, Michael and I were at this point. And all it really imagecomes down to is, should we or shouldn’t we end this thing? In our case things were cloudy because there were other people involved which made it that much harder. Word to the wise, decide to end your relationship before starting with someone else, because even if you end it or keep it, someone will get hurt, and that fine line of trust, may get damaged.

So, what do you do if you’re stuck between leaving or staying? As odd as it sounds, I took advice from Sex in the City. Don’t judge me, I’m a die hard fan. It worked for me, and I often tell other people to do the same. If you haven’t seen the first film, Miranda (not me) and her husband Steve come in to find themselves unhappy and Steve went out and cheated. Now, at this point personally I would have said good-bye because if you really feel the need to cheat, then we don’t need to be together. But, Miranda and Steve have a child together so, it makes things harder. Essentially, she goes to a therapist with Steve to try to work it out, she can’t trust him at all and he is super hurt that their marriage has come down to this. (I’m giving you this therapy for free, you’re welcome!) The therapist tells them to each go home and list all the pros and cons of each other and decide from that whether or not they want a fresh start or to end it. THAT, that right there, is what saved my relationship and what I tell others to do all the time. Thanks HBO!

If you find yourself stuck, you don’t have to include your significant other in the decision, write down all the pros and things you love about your relationship and the person you are in a relationship with, then, do the same with writing down the cons and negative things that made you come to this point, or have ever made you hurt during the relationship, or things you just can’t deal with about your significant other. If the list is longer on the pro side, continue the relationship because there’s something’s that can be fixed. If the list is longer on the con side, end the relationship in the most noble way because I know you are a lady or gentleman and it’s time to move on.

You should never remain unhappy in a relationship. Because if you’re unhappy chances are your significant other is too. Or if they’re not, you’re wasting your life away being unhappy and constantly feeling regret when you deserve to be just as happy because you deserve someone who will give you the world. You are strong, you are beautiful and you are intelligent, and you deserve someone who makes you feel all of those things.

Thanks for reading! I hope this has helped someone, and if you ever feel the need to talk to me about your private relationships, you can totally do so, I now have an email to take questions or topics you want to read about! Send me an email at

See you next Tuesday!



2 thoughts on “Do you stay or do you go?

  1. Once again I love this week’s post. I was in this situation last year. I didn’t know what to do and I basically did this to decide on how to continue and I’m glad I did because it help remind me of the things I fell in love with about my partner. So now I try to keep mental notes every time he does something sweet for me.


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