Monthly Anniversaries? Take them or Leave them?

This week, I want to talk about “month-aversaries.” Spoiler alert, if you’re not 14 and in your first relationship, or have been in a relationship for over a year, month-aversaries should not be a real thing. Any adult and mature relationship should never be defined by the time together. Days, weeks and months together do not tell you how much in love with someone you are. If you have to count the months together, are you really in love or are you just comfortable?

People often say how annoying it is when a mom says her child is 24 months old. Most people say “JUST SAY TWO! Your child is 2.” It’s the same when you say “Happy 23rd month anniversary babe!” Just wait until your yearly anniversary and make a post. If you want your relationship to have any respect at all, you should act like an adult and treat it as such. Newsflash, this isn’t (insert date here) anymore, you’re no longer in high school. If you want to get married and have children, you need to take relationships seriously. There’s no need for a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, MySpace, whatever you use, kind of post letting your 200 friends know it’s “that time of the month again” not to be confused with a period of course. Keep it to yourself. You can celebrate daily “lovefests” all you want, just privately.

I am not saying you can’t profess your love and show affection, because I am all for it. But there is a time and a place and a way to do so. Posting your man as your MCM or your woman as WCW that’s totally fine. Showing your love and appreciation for your significant other, is the best way to make relationships work. Boasting about a promotion, or a new apartment or a wedding is awesome. It’s flaunting things that define you as an adult that make relationships last. Maturity is always key if you want a relationship to be serious and last.

Michael and I have been together for almost 7 years. We stopped the monthaversaries after the first year. We never use baby talk, we have adult conversations, and treat each other with the same respect. We imagerarely call each other by name, it’s normally babe or baby, when it’s just us. But talking to other people we always use names. It’s just mutually agreed on. Because people would be totally grossed out if we stood in public and baby talked all day long. We want people to see our relationship as mature, because although we are still 20 and 22, we want to be respected, and we want others to look up to us. We want other couples to be independent, and starting with the small things like treating your relationship like you should as adults help. And especially, never celebrating month-aversaries publicly.

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12 thoughts on “Monthly Anniversaries? Take them or Leave them?

  1. Absolutely love it and totally agree with you! Nobody really wants to see social media blown up with the month anniversaries. I never did it in high school and would not continue to do it now! Awesome blog !


  2. Great subject n blog….so once you r married how do yiu feel about celebrating yearly occations like first date or should it just be wedding anniversary…..<3 ya


  3. I just want to say how much I agree with this! I know someone who does this and it drives me crazy, secretly because god forbid if I ever say that out loud. Lol

    Anyways thank you for posting this! I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like this.


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